Yijia Yang

Studio Arts & Business BS Majors

University of Rochester 19'


Long exposed to art atmosphere and greatly influenced by my father who is both an art collector and a financier, I have made up my mind to integrate art and business together as my future career. 


The first year in college pushes me to jump out of my comfort zone. Dashing into different types of art classes, such as painting, printmaking and studio practice, helps me further develop myself and explore more about new art fields. I learnt how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, I tried different fashions of printmaking and, most importantly, I found out my strengths and weaknesses. 


Every time in doing arts and brainstorming ideas, I find my blood sprouting, my mind blown by the variance and inclusiveness of art’s vibes. The exciting and thrilling sensation that I gained from art is probably the unknown reason why I feel passionate about it.